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"Room Number Seven"-Columbus, OH - Casting ID # 1602684
Project Type Feature Film Submission Type Self Response
Location Columbus, OH Union Non-union
Rate/Pay n/a Release Date 10-02-19
Audition Date n/a Submission deadline 11-08-19
Casting Category Feature Film - Short Film
A woman on the run after killing her abusive husband is confronted at her motel room by a bounty hunter sent to bring her in. After a 12 hour stand-off, they come to an understanding about justice.

Role # 1 Sam Lowe
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role

Sam (Samantha) Lowe is a clever, adaptable, and proud young woman and a survivor of abuse, perpetrated by her husband. After telling him she had had enough and was leaving him, he attacked her with more ferocity than ever before. She killed him in self-defense and was arrested. Having little money and not deemed a flight risk, she was let out on bail. She mistrusts the justice system due to past encounters and chooses to take her chances on the lam. She makes it to a small town a few states over. Running low on funds, she finds a job at a local diner that pays cash, under the table. She stays in a cheap, dirty motel. It is here where Zoe Spicer, a bounty hunter, finds her. Will Sam avoid being taken into a system she doesn’t trust will do her right?

Searchable talent specs :

Gender: Female
Age: from 22 to 25
Ethnicity: Any -

Role # 2 Zoe Spicer
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role

Zoe Spicer is a tough, conscientious bounty hunter. Bails bondsmen send her after people who skip out on bail to bring them back into custody. She has been tracking Sam’s movements for a few weeks, but has been two steps behind her the entire time. Now that Sam has settled in one place for more than a couple of days, Zoe is able to get the drop on her. She spends a day observing her movements in order to be sure Sam is the correct target. Will Zoe get Sam and take her into custody to get paid?

Searchable talent specs :

Gender: Female
Age: from 25 to 30
Ethnicity: Any -